Gamut Consulting

These past few days I was working on the website of company that is being founded by my friend. The initial concept of the company was given by Omer Khan Shaheen. He is exceptional brilliant guy that I have met in Imsciences. The logo of the Gamut Consulting was designed by him, which was wonderful. After a cup of tea with him I agreed to make a web page design for the company. The basic idea of the layout was based on cool and neutral color such as blue and grey respectively. Few days later I showed him the template he instantly like it and proposed few changes which I reluctantly accepted since he is my boss and it’s very hard to enforce something on him. After all that, the layout is finally complete and here is a peek of it.

Yes it is hard to digest at start for folks who have not designed in it before but it is far better way to design websites then tables.


Gamut Consulting


Now the content will be added in few days before it goes online. The page is designed in CSS and XHTML. I started designing webs pages in CSS just a month ago. I can not find a good reason for not using it before but I was resisting it for quite some time until a friend Nauman AKA recluse forced me to just try it and instantly I liked it.


~ by samiullah on February 24, 2007.

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  1. Hey man! Stop the propaganda about me. 🙂

    And why are you not writing now on the blog? I know you’re busy but you represent half of the blog writing community of Peshawar! Get writing!

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