Center of Universe

Today I saw the moon. It was one fourth of its original size, lying low just above horizon. I was really amazed, and looking at it made me realize some of the basic facts that I knew but never really understood the full application of it.


I did know that earth is the third planet in the solar system and that the earth is in Milky Way and we have billions of stars in it. There are black holes in universe. And some other basic facts that common people know apart from the details which theoretical physicists, cosmologist have knowledge.


But that basic knowledge is nothing unless it is realized, the best way to explain it is with the simple example of word Love. I do not know how Ali feels when he is with his love of life Sabrina; because I have not realized his love, I know how it might feel but will never experience the same emotions as Ali.


So coming to the point of what I realized, it’s simple enough but when digested the fact properly the real application sinks in. the fact that earth and my life is not center of this universe. My success or failure only matters to me but not the universe, our life and our existence solve or don’t prove anything to the universe. It existed long before we came and there is only one future, the failure of all living.


Evaluating the nature from human values is worst way to look at the nature and by nature I mean universe and all the things that constitute it. We don’t have any control on our self or the universe for that matter. So the question is why we don’t have control on our self? Because we are the product of this universe and it dictates all the rules not our parents, not the president, not the society!


But I am not saying at all neglect the society or personal life ambition, what I would like to say that there exist greater cause then our life and I want to solve that enigma.


~ by samiullah on January 22, 2007.

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