Starting of New Brand “Eastern Colors”

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I am so very keen about a clothing brand my designer friend wants to start. I love helping in starting new companies, coz it best time to place your brand and develop all the brand guidelines.

The business processes are all set and its going to start off as an online gallery where the customers can view the catalogue and place orders through the website. So we started to think about the name for the company. The name selection was quite an easy part. We came up with couple of names and finally selected Eastern Colors.  Since it eastern clothing that gave me lots of colors and font type to play with for the logo developement.

Finally with after developing about 20 logos and investing more than 30 hours in designing my friend selected the following logo for her company.

Now I am designing the website. Soon it will be online. The pages on social media are already done. So the online strategy is going to be fun.


Eastern Colors


Lunar Eclipse 2011

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Lunar Eclipse

I took about 100 picture. The duration of the eclipse was about 2 hours. It was particular difficult to get the right exposure. I was constantly playing with shutter speed to get a balanced picture.

Lunar Eclipse 2011

Gamut Consulting

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These past few days I was working on the website of company that is being founded by my friend. The initial concept of the company was given by Omer Khan Shaheen. He is exceptional brilliant guy that I have met in Imsciences. The logo of the Gamut Consulting was designed by him, which was wonderful. After a cup of tea with him I agreed to make a web page design for the company. The basic idea of the layout was based on cool and neutral color such as blue and grey respectively. Few days later I showed him the template he instantly like it and proposed few changes which I reluctantly accepted since he is my boss and it’s very hard to enforce something on him. After all that, the layout is finally complete and here is a peek of it.

Yes it is hard to digest at start for folks who have not designed in it before but it is far better way to design websites then tables.


Gamut Consulting


Now the content will be added in few days before it goes online. The page is designed in CSS and XHTML. I started designing webs pages in CSS just a month ago. I can not find a good reason for not using it before but I was resisting it for quite some time until a friend Nauman AKA recluse forced me to just try it and instantly I liked it.

Fata development authority: website

•January 26, 2007 • 17 Comments

Finally we got the project to develop the website and possibly and implementation of ERP system in the new department. I am working alone with my teacher Omer Shaheen and Azam Farooq.

Just completed two layouts. Lets hope Omer Shaheen likes it.

Center of Universe

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Today I saw the moon. It was one fourth of its original size, lying low just above horizon. I was really amazed, and looking at it made me realize some of the basic facts that I knew but never really understood the full application of it.


I did know that earth is the third planet in the solar system and that the earth is in Milky Way and we have billions of stars in it. There are black holes in universe. And some other basic facts that common people know apart from the details which theoretical physicists, cosmologist have knowledge.


But that basic knowledge is nothing unless it is realized, the best way to explain it is with the simple example of word Love. I do not know how Ali feels when he is with his love of life Sabrina; because I have not realized his love, I know how it might feel but will never experience the same emotions as Ali.


So coming to the point of what I realized, it’s simple enough but when digested the fact properly the real application sinks in. the fact that earth and my life is not center of this universe. My success or failure only matters to me but not the universe, our life and our existence solve or don’t prove anything to the universe. It existed long before we came and there is only one future, the failure of all living.


Evaluating the nature from human values is worst way to look at the nature and by nature I mean universe and all the things that constitute it. We don’t have any control on our self or the universe for that matter. So the question is why we don’t have control on our self? Because we are the product of this universe and it dictates all the rules not our parents, not the president, not the society!


But I am not saying at all neglect the society or personal life ambition, what I would like to say that there exist greater cause then our life and I want to solve that enigma.

Omer Khan Shaheen

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Yesterday while talking to my teacher Omer Shaheen I came to know that he also composes music. After listening to his music I was very impressed, though the tracks that he gave me were not completely finished, the music was worth releasing in CD for international audiences.

I really like the style of music, it was something that I never heard before, a mix of contemporary jazz and techno blend. The music was really relaxing and wonderful.

I will soon upload by his permission.

Website for HRD in Imsciences

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Today i was asked by my teacher in Master to meet him in HRD office. There i was then asked to designed a webpage for this new department in Imsciences.

This new departement will train people in HRM field the details are still worked on. I accepted the offer and have started working on the layouts for the webpage.